venerdì 13 febbraio 2015


Hi everyone, I'm Alessandro, yours truly palaeo-wanderer.
I've tried to resist to the attrction of blogging since now for a pretty simple reason: I thought I had nothing interesting to say.
In particular, as you might have already realized from the title of this blog, I'm mainly interested in palaeontology, the science of fossils.
After a bachelor in natural science and a master degree in evolutionary biology, I found myself in this sort of limbo where you try to get in some of those fancy PhD program in order to reach the apex of scientific education, whatever that means. If you're an italian reader, you may already know how this can be hard in our beloved country.
Anyway, I'm keeping up with research as an associate (some passions are die hard).
Furthermore, I've already published some peer-reviewd papers since my bachelor degree, so I'd like to use blogging to divulgate my methods and my conclusions. In addition, I intend to write this blog in both english and italian in order to improve my linguistic skills.
                            "Wanderer above the Sea of Fog" - Caspar David Friedrich (1818)

The title of this blog was inspired by the famous artwork "Der Wanderer über dem nebelmeer poster", by Caspar David Friedrich, conveniently photoshopped with awesome John Sibbick's illustration "Apatosaurus herd and Ceratosaurus", from the early 90's.
The banner wants to be some kind of representation of my personal status as wanderer, on the constant lookout for a place where I can express my deepest passion in the most professional way possible.
For now, a blog can do the job.

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